Some memory components may be weakened in an individual with dyslexia, making learning harder for them, as memory is extremely important for that. But it does not apply to all people with dyslexia.

Memory takes many different forms – we remember our holiday experience in one way, while when learning to ride a bike we use a different type of memory, and again different memory is used when we learn formulas in chemistry or words in a language, etc. It is because we have many different types of memory that we conveniently replace the type of memory that does not work very well with others, which on the contrary are fully developed. Finally, it is useful to know that if any components of our memory are weakened, it is necessary to take measures to ensure that the consequences are minimal (e.g. the person in question writes down everything that is necessary to remember, when solving a problem, they continuously take notes of what they found out, what is the partial result, etc.).