Famous Dyslectics

Although dyslexia presents difficulties, people who suffer from it can have diverse talents that must be supported. Therefore, it is good to realize what they need to be able to show their talents despite their dyslexia and do what they like, what they’re interested in and what they’re good at.

As inspiration, we give you a list of some famous people with dyslexia:
Orlando Bloom (actor)
Tom Cruise (actor)
Whoopi Goldberg (actress)
Keanu Reeves (actor)
Robin Williams (actor)
Keira Knightley (actress)
Pablo Picasso (painter)
Auguste Rodin (sculptor)
Andy Warhol (painter)
Muhammad Ali (boxer)
Magic Johnson (basketball player)
Henry Ford (founder of Ford Motor Company)
William Hewlett (founder of computer company)
Winston Churchill (politician)
John F. Kennedy (politician)
Nelson Rockefeller (businessman)
Woodrow Wilson (politician)
George Washington (politician)
Hans Christian Andersen (writer)
Agatha Christie (writer)
F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer)
Alexander Graham Bell (inventor)
Thomas Edison (inventor)
John Lennon (musician)
Swedish royal family